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Zakynthos Hot Spots

36 Nautical Miles

The Infamous landmarks of Zakynthos

In this day tour, we will take you to the beautiful neighboring island of Zakynthos. Our first stop will be one of our favorites, the amazing Blue Caves. An absolute snorkeling paradise for those eager to explore the world below the surface. The deepest color blue you have ever seen, changing shades as the light creeps through the cave walls.

Our next stop is the infamous award winning beach of Navagio. A shipwreck beached on a small cove surrounded by steep cliff walls, this is not a sight to be missed. We’ll then make a stop for a bit of TLC, a beach of therapeutic clay. After this nourishing stop, we are off to a remote shore where we will enjoy a proper Greek BBQ. Music, fine Greek wine and maybe even some dancing on a breathtaking rock and sand coastline as we watch the sun drop ever lower.

Ithaka Exploration

64 Nautical Miles

Exploring the story of Odyseeus

A day tour inspired by Greek mythology, this trip is ideal for history lovers. Together we will explore the island of Ithaka, home of the hero Odysseus as described in Homer’s writing. It has often been told that the island of Ithaca has a purity and a tranquility about it, inspiring a sense of wonder. We will make a first stop at the beautiful pebbled Gidaki beach, surrounded by lush green vegetation. We will then travel to the quaint, unspoiled fishing villages of Frikes and Kioni. Here you will get a real sense of authentic local Greek settlements. Finally, we will visit the capital of the island, Vathi, a harbor protected by the highest mountain of Ithaca, Mount Nirito. Here, we will settle for lunch and enjoy the local delicacies.

South West Kefalonia

23 Nautical Miles

Off the beaten track

Kefalonia is the largest of islands in the Ionian Sea, with countless destinations worth visiting. In order to see as much as possible, we have had to split our Sea Stories and this one will focus on the Southwest coast. Our first stop is the island of Zeus where we will snorkel in its awesome reefs, rich in sea life.  A narrow staircase carved into the rock will then lead us up to Panagia Vlacherna, a monastery at the highest point of the tiny island. We will then move on to Agios Thomas and Lourdas beaches. Agios Thomas consists of two interconnected coves with crystal clear water. Lourdas beach is the one of the largest bays in Kefalonia, stretching over 2km and is framed by Mount Aenos, creating a scenic backdrop. After a quick stop for clay therapy  at a remote destination, we will move on to satiation. An unforgettable BBQ, featuring a beautiful sandy coastline, music and sundowners!

South East Kefalonia

48 Nautical Miles

For the Nature Lover

Now we don’t like to pick favorites, but we cannot hide this one. Let us introduce you to our Southeast paradise. The natural diversity of this part of the island of Kefalonia is astonishing. We will visit a number of beaches, one totally different from the next. From Kako Lagadi, a stunning white pebbled beach cove surrounded by rock shields; an ideal spot to explore rock formations and caves. To unspoiled Koutsoupia, where lush green vegetation (oaks and cypresses) extend all the way down to the shoreline. Antisamos, and its breathtaking combination of greens and blues, where the water is perfectly clear and full of sea life. Finally, we will lead you to the quaint village of Agia Efimia in the Pylaros valley. We will have a walk along the little peer and settle there for some lunch.

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