Meet the Captains

Charis and Spiros, cofounders of Sea Stories, are childhood friends. Ever since they can remember, they have spent their summers together on the island of Kefalonia. They have long recognised that it is a rarity and a real privilege to have been brought up surrounded by such natural, untouched beauty. This insight created the desire to share it all with their guests.  The cherished, unforgettable adventures and experiences they have had over the years is what led them to create Sea Stories.

Licensed and highly experienced

Both Charis and Spiros have been trained professionally and hold full skipper licenses. More importantly, they have years of experience under their belts, inspiring an immediate sense of trust. With exceptional knowledge of the local sea routes, coves and the diverse microclimate, they will give you insight into the very essence of the Ionian region.

The Experience

Their cruises are both informative and educational but the primary goal is always a good time. Charis and Spiros are innate good timers and are exceptionally welcoming in nature while always taking their client’s privacy and comfort into consideration.

From diving into the sea depths to collect delicacies prepared in a moment’s notice, to sharing local traditional recipes, they provide the most authentic side of a Greek experience. They guarantee comfort and safety on their state of the art 30.8ft (9.3m) rib boat; carried to hidden coves, crystal clear waters and the most secluded breathtaking sunset spots most locals don’t even know about.

Everything is included from snorkeling gear, to towels, sunscreen, beach umbrellas, refreshments, lunch and snacks. All you need to do is come along and experience their version of the ultimate island life

We look forward to welcoming you aboard our tours!

We take no risks and safety is our top priority. Join us and live your dream holidays upon our fast, comfortable and luxurious powerboat.

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